After some considerable time in prayer these are the values and the vision that we feel God is calling to.
THE VISION: What does God want us to be?
A ‘Safe’ Place:-
• Birds of the air – come to rest (mustard seed parable)
• Non-judgemental attitude
• Encounter the presence of God
• To explore, ask questions
• To be real, honest
• Space appropriate to each
• Gracious culture
A ‘Transforming’ Place:-
• People are changed, as they meet Jesus
• Renewing of the mind – new world view (The Kingdom of God)
• Continual transformation – i.e.  journey
• Hunger for change
• Healing – body, mind and spirit (Acts 2:43-47)
• Transforming society
• Discipleship
A ‘Sending out’ Place:-
• Outward looking culture
• Every member ministry
• Encouragement/support
• Accountability
• Training/equipping
• Whole life discipleship
• The ministry of blessing