Watch This Space



During this season of digital services, we continue to pray,
and try and discern Gods plan for us as a church
in our local community.
Some exciting visions are being explored and prayed into.
Please pray with us, and watch this space 😊.
You can find out more about 'The Vision' Here

The Hub

We have Plans for Junior Church: "The Hub" !
The idea:
each week stations will be set up in the hall
with different activities available.
These activities will include:
Brick Church - lots of hands on building fun
Sweaty Church – physical, fun activities using games and sport
Muddy Church – exploring the beauty of outdoors
Reflective Story Play Church – a quiet and reflective space

You can find out more about 'The Hub' Here

Worship From Harrowby Lane is back!! (ish!).

We are now using our Worship Area on a Sunday Morning. Be it without a congregation...

You can see our latest service below...
(All our past services are @HarrowbyLaneMethodistChurch)

We are currently looking at starting other limited activities during the week.

- Our Next Live Service will be live here...
Meanwhile - This is our most recent Worship Stream -

Hosting the Notts & Derby District Synod

A bit of a challenge but 3 Camera's a Vision Mixer, Sound Desk, 7 Computers and Zoom Webinar & 5 Rig days - Sorted!


You can see what we got up to - here...
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Greetings - From our new Minister...

Join our Family...

Thoughts from Rev. Helen 'Nel' Shallow.

Sermon Morning Service 230820 AM

270920 The Sermon from the above Service
by Sue Barnes - is adjacent.
The reading was - Exodus 17:1-7

(Below on a mobile).

The text for Sue's word Is Available Here

A pivotal word ?!

A recent word from
Rev. Chris Briggs is adjacent.

This could be a pivotal moment
in the life of our church so take time to watch it !

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Welcome In Jesus' Name

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