2nd and 4th Sunday in the Month.
Currently 3-5pm

The idea:
each week stations are set up in the hall
with different activities available.
The activities:
Brick Church - lots of hands on building fun
Sweaty Church – physical, fun activities using games and sport
Muddy Church – exploring the beauty of outdoors
Reflective Story Play Church – a quiet and reflective space

Our activities are related to a theme for the day and the children (plus the grown ups) select which activities they wish to take part in.

During The Hub, drinks and food are available for children and adults to enjoy together.

As part of the plan we are looking for, ‘The Hub’ join in All Age Worship with the larger church family as we seek God together in a different style of worship.


Background to ‘The Hub’ -
Emma Jacklin, the Junior Church co-coordinator, speaks about the vision...
During Lockdown I have been praying and listening to God about the future of Junior Church. God has spoken very clearly to me about the need for change and for reaching out to our local community through a variety of activities. During the early hours of the morning, I got a deep sense that a logo had to be designed. I am not the best at art so this idea was definitely NOT in my comfort zone and was not from me. I put pen to paper and The Hub was designed. The circle in the middle represents Jesus. Jesus should be the centre of all we do. From the centre, the lines represent the different activities that take place within our church, like the spokes of a wheel. By coming along to the activities, we journey together to reach the centre. It doesn’t matter which path you take but we can all be united in and by the central hub of Jesus. Our mission statement is incorporated into the logo as I believe children and young people are very much part of the church being ‘A safe place’, ‘A transforming place’ and ‘A sending out place’. All youngsters and their families should feel safe, be transformed and then be sent out to share the good news of Jesus with others.
As you would expect, all those who work with children and young people in our Church are DBS checked and we work within strict safeguarding guidelines.