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Building History 1

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Part of the Grantham and Vale of Belvoir Circuit

Part of the Methodist Church UK


'I first went to the Sunday School there in 1931. The youth group was called 'Camp Fire' & was run by Gorden Wylie. There wasn't a minister, the ministers from the town used to take it in turns, eventually there was a deaconess - but that was after my time. When the Organist moved away I was asked to take over, it was one of those
which you had to peddle with your feet.' - Mary Robinson - (1925 - 2011)

The building was then moved to our current site - but still it was a shed.

'It was an old Army Hut, but you make of it what you want. We had a pulpit in the corner & removable chairs so that it could be used for other things - we hadn't been in long when the clinic asked to use the building - every Wednesday that was.' -
Anne Wright- (1923 - 2011)

But even when it was built - there was a vision....

On this page members recall our history...

Our first building was built
n the late 1920's
and was a wooden shed on signal road.

Harrowby Lane in the 60's

Building over the Wooden shed in the late 60's
with our brick building MKI!
Courtesy Grantham Journal. 

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