Friendship Club

Friendship Club meet each Wednesday from 10am to 12noon unless it is a meal day when we finish at approx 1.30pm.
There is always Coffee - to find out which days are meal days, drop by 🙂
We take a break at Easter August and Christmas, these dates are arranged nearer the time.
A monthly program is arranged with the aim of having two meals and one Speaker/Entertainment session during that period. Friendship club also includes some of the following activities
A Quiz
Board games
Beetle drive
Bring and buy for a Charity
Members share a favorite poem or reading
Or just sit and chat if preferred.
The following list are a few of Speakers subjects /Entertainment over the last year
Ukulele Band
A Group playing Recorders and singing
The history and experience of being Lady Mayor of Grantham
Presentation about Grantham Canal
Keeping safe by a security company
"Hearing dogs"