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Building History 2

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Part of the Grantham and Vale of Belvoir Circuit

Part of the Methodist Church UK


I went to the shed for Sunday School. Everyone new it as the Clinic or the Hut - Never the church! Almost from the beginning we brought our old 'Bun Pennies' to Sunday School for the building fund, we didn't release it would take Fifteen years! The things I remember most about moving in to the new building are the separate male and female toilets & the instant electric heating - the Shed had had a coke boiler. - Joan Coyne - attending since 1955
Joan also recived an 'Order of the Morning Star' Badge and Certificate.

Harrowby Lane in the 60's

Building over the Wooden shed in the late 60's
with our brick building MKI!
Courtesy Grantham Journal. 

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