As you read this, we have had the news that from July 4th various lockdown measures are being reduced again. We have no doubt you heard with eager anticipation that churches can open. However, it isn’t as straight forward as it might seem.
Most importantly, as part of the Methodist Connexion, all Methodist churches are waiting to hear from the annual Conference for decisions about when and how our churches will open.
Updates can be found on the Methodist website
Already the Government advice is quite restrictive, on first indications there looks to be much more detailed restriction than was apparent from the fanfare of the announcements made.
Whenever that decision is made to open the churches, there will be a huge amount of work required to ensure the safety of all people visiting the church. To that end, please rest assured both the Leadership Team and Property Committee are already considering potential actions that might be required in the future. We must all remember, that many of our congregation, and in deed volunteers, may be vulnerable, and we have a duty to protect everyone.
In the next newsletter we will send some details of what it would mean to open, what we might expect. We will send a questionnaire asking for your feedback.
So we are sorry this is not necessarily the news you were hoping for, but we shall continue to provide Facebook and Zoom opportunities for worship, and prayer request opportunities as detailed at the end.