Methodist – whats that about? – FAQs

Do you have to be Methodist to attend this church?
No! – anyone can attend, you don’t have to be a member to worship with us.   You don’t even have to believe to come and see what we are up to.   In fact we would love to see you.
If I wanted to join would I have to give up Alcohol? & what other things should I consider.
Contrary to popular belief it has never been a requirement of the Methodist church to give up Alcohol; although, in the past, it was strongly encouraged.    
Methodists are asked to surrender their lives to God’s will, to live a holy life. ‘Social holiness’ is important and the Methodist founding documents emphasis a call to ‘ scriptural holiness’ as seen in the Bible.
Methodism began in the context of small groups of Christians seeking to
take their faith seriously and apply it to their lives.
Methodists reflect using scripture, reason, tradition and their current experience of God.
Why Methodist? – whats the history ?
Methodism originally came about because of one evangelical young Anglican Priest in the 18th Century.   John Wesley spent most of his time preaching in the poorer areas of the towns he visited, often in the open air.
His work has inspired many people, in many churches, of all denominations over many years.  Today Methodists work alongside other Churches in sharing the love of God we know in Jesus Christ.
So if churches work together all the same – what’s different about Methodists?
There are certain emphases in Methodism which make it distinctive.
Methodists hold an inclusive theology; they believe that no one is beyond the reach of God’s love. Ordinary lay people have always played a major part in running the Church.
Singing has always been an important part of the Methodist experience. – It is sometimes said that the Methodist Church was “Born in Song”.
There is also, within the Methodist movement, a deep sense of the Holy Spirit, and the assurance that gives. The founder of the Methodist Church, John Wesley, became aware of an immense sense of that ‘ blessed assurance’ and of having a personal relationship with God, in a conversion experience.   One of the things that the Methodist Church brings is the idea of covenant. Methodists celebrate a special Covenant service annually, usually at the New Year. Now some other churches also do this. Again as the various Denominations move closer to each other, more and more churches use small group meetings – again very important to Methodism – to complement Sunday worship and to continue to deepen the journey with God.
There is a Methodist Church in every town, & many Villages, but as well as being a local movement, it is part of a bigger union known as the “Connexion.”
As a Church our priorities are Worship, Learning & Caring, Service and Evangelism.
‘The Methodist Church claims and cherishes its place in the Holy Catholic Church which is the Body of Christ. It rejoices in the inheritance of the apostolic faith and loyally accepts the fundamental principles of the historic creeds and of the Protestant Reformation.’
Methodist Deed of Union
Can I find out more…
If you would like to find out more follow this link to the Methodist Website.

Methodist Website